The Range

We can provide instructors, range safety officers, role players, ammunition, training equipment, audio/visual equipment, and even spacious parking if you need it

PSTA rental facilities include:

  • Classrooms (with capacities up to 35 students)
  • X-Ray and Magnetometer training facilities and equipment
  • Indoor multi-purpose training area for non-lethal weapons, first responder and other training
  • Outdoor training areas for physical fitness and agility training
  • All new TI Simulator
  • Meeting facilities
  • Designed and built using state-of-the-art range and ventilation equipment to ensure safety, a clean environment, and a friendlier, more challenging range

The PSTA is one of the most unique and exciting places you could possibly ask for to hold your special event. After conducting your organization's business in our state-of-the-art training rooms, you can then move to our world-class firing range. The PSTA features a 15 point lane range and 12 point lane with wireless control for the shooter. PSTA classrooms come equipped with all the meeting materials you need. Each one has a flat screen monitor, tables and seating, and dry erase boards. All you have to bring is a laptop with a HDMI output and you can present any kind of multi-media presentation that you have, including those with sound such as DVDs and WMF files. We even throw in wireless internet access at no additional cost. When you analyze the overall cost of training your law enforcement, military, or protective services personnel, the PSTA is your best value option. We can save you money on your firearms training by reducing your ammunition costs. Unlike many other facilities, the PSTA does not require the use of frangible ammunition at our facility. You can use less costly ammunition at the PSTA. Contact us at to configure your own packages, including purchasing ammunition and other training support requirements you may have. We'll work with you to develop a program that meets your scheduling and budget requirements.

The environment in which you train is important. The PSTA features a state-of-the-art ventilation system which is second to none. Without adequate ventilation, live fire contaminants (lead, sulfur dioxide, and carbon monoxide) can pose serious health threats. The PSTA was built to ensure that the environment is healthy, safe, and compliant. Our state of the art ventilation system will ensure you a clean and healthy environment and meets EPA and OSHA standard