In addition to offering training venues for rent, the PSTA offers private security companies a way to get your people certified without hiring your own training staff. The PSTA offers the individual training courses shown below to both individuals and companies. Our classes include all training materials, equipment, ammunition, as well as the training documentation you'll need to provide to your clients to prove you are meeting contract scope of work requirements (*license fees may not be included). Classes are scheduled regularly.

Our staff is highly trained and can design a specific training program that will work specifically for what you need based on the clients you serve. Our professional staff has had deep experience working in a multitude of secure environments and understands what your staff needs to be successful. We can work with your team to create a specific training curriculum to meet your needs.

PSTA offers discounted rates to companies that schedule multiple students for classes. The more you enroll, the more you save per student. Give our Sales Department a call and let’s schedule your professionals in the classes you need them to take.

Federal Protective Service

FPS SGIM Basic (64 hours)$350.00
FPS Initial Weapons Course (Includes Baton and OC) (40 hours)$450.00
FPS-Monitored Firearms Qualification Session (4 hrs)$100.00
FPS Firearms Refresher (Remedial) Course (8 hrs) $150.00
FPS Tri-Annual Refresher Course (40 hrs)$250.00
FPS Semi-Automatic Pistol Transition Course (3 hrs)$100.00
FPS Supervisor Course (9 hrs)$150.00

Maryland Armed Guard

MD Armed Guard Initial Course/FAQ (8 hrs)$125.00
MD Handgun Re-Qualification Session (4 hrs)$75.00

DC Specials Police Officer (SPO)

DC SPO Initial Course and Firearms Qualification (40 hrs)$300.00
DC SPO Refresher Course (8 hours)$175.00

Virginia DCJS

VA DCJS Armed Officer Course O1E/O5E/O7E (40 hrs)$300.00
VA DCJS 01I Refresher Course (4 hours)$50.00
VA DCJS 07E Firearms Qualification Session (4 hrs)$75.00

Other PSO Training

X-Ray and Magnetometer Screener Training (8 hr version)$250.00
Active Shooter/Judgmental Training (FATS)Call
Baton Certification or Recertification Course (4 hrs)$50.00
Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) Spray Certification or Recertification Course (4 hrs)$50.00

First Responder Certification

Initial First Aid Certification Couse (4 hours)$50.00
Initial CPR/AED (Adult, Infant, and Child) Certification (8 hours)$50.00
Recertify First Aid Certification Couse (4 hours)$50.00
Recertify CPR/AED (Adult, Infant, and Child) Certification (4 hours)$50.00

PSO Training

Certified Instructors

PSTA instructors are certified by NRA, Maryland State Police, Virginia DCJS, DC SOMB, American Red Cross, and other jurisdictions.


If you have other training and certification requirements for your PSOs, we can probably provide training for you.


We offer hundreds of seats monthly for a large variety of courses — call us for our current schedule.

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